At Apollo, we have the opportunity to work with many fantastic organisations outside of the tourism industry, from charities such as Songs of Hope and Joy through to competitions such as the Pano Awards.

Some of you may already be aware that Apollo has been working with Project Pro Extreme as their transport supplier. Project Pro Extreme manages elite athletes such as pro kite surfing champion Ben Wilson.

We think that campervans and kite surfing are a match made in heaven. What could be better than grabbing your kite, or other sporting gear for that matter, and heading off in a camper for the week? Having your accommodation and facilities close to the action has to be a plus.

Just remember to take care with your gear, as surf boards and other bulky items can cause damage to your rental vehicle if you do not stow them correctly.

We enjoyed a private kite clinic with Ben on Coolum beach last month, and a great time was had by all, although some of the team were a little sunburned afterwards!

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Campervan rental Australia Kite Surfing sponsors

Campervan rental Australia Ben Wilson



Ben and some other up and coming kite surfing stars also took out a beautiful Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome for a recent road trip. They recorded their trip for a new DVD, and we will be uploading some YouTube clips very soon.

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Campervan rental Australia Ben Wilson Video

Campervan rental Australia Project Pro Extreme

We look forward to sharing more stories from Ben Wilson and Project Pro Extreme over the coming months.

Until next time.