Travel Essentials. Image courtesy of Rubin Starset via Flickr/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Travel Essentials. Image courtesy of Rubin Starset via Flickr/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Your Guide on  How to Pack for Your Motorhome Holiday Today

Now that you’re finally on that dream vacation you’ve been planning for months, nothing can stop you from having a great time. Everything’s set: your itinerary, your food and even all your reservation on our campervans. Everything’s going as you visualized it, that is, until you realize you forgot to bring extra underwear!

As ridiculous as it may seem, that scenario could happen in real life. In fact, if this hasn’t happened to you, I’m sure you know someone who’s experienced this. But fret not, these packing mistakes can easily be avoided. So even if your packing at the last minute, we’ll help you avoid these three packing mistakes so you can really enjoy your motorhome holiday:

  • Overpacking or not packing enough

In all cases, you’ll want to avoid what just happened above.  A simple solution is to create a checklist with all of the things you need to bring. Make sure you have all essentials on the list and you’ll want to choose versatile pieces of clothing that you can use more than once. Do away with packing stuff that you won’t need like an extra pair of shoes or too much toiletries. You might want to leave behind valuable jewelry too.

Also, before you start packing, make sure you know what you’ll be needing or a campervan trip. Check all the inclusions that your chosen vehicle has with our reservations team so you know what else you need to bring.

  • Bringing leaking bottles

There was a time when I was just about to use my camera to take the perfect photo of the sunset, it was wet from a traitorous bottle of water. It was bad, so bad that I wanted to erase it from my memory. But then, now I know that next time I’ll have to ensure that all bottles and containers are sealed tight and won’t be spilling all over the contents of my bag.

One simple tip is, aside from twisting the caps tightly and closing all lids shut, separate all liquid items on another compartment. Also, you might want to invest in smaller containers where you can transfer all these items to save space.

  • Packing the wrong stuff

If you’re heading to a tropical area on your campervan vacation, please don’t pack any winter clothes. One jacket will be enough in case it suddenly gets too cold at night.

When packing your clothes and other equipment you need, check the weather conditions on the place you’ll be visiting and when you’ll be visiting. While this may seem like a no-brainer, most often than  not, we totally forget to pack the right clothes suited for the weather.

Although not really a life-threatening situation, still, it is a vacation-altering incident. So to avoid this potential “mishap”, prepare well ahead of time. Learn something about the area (in advance) where you are heading especially the weather.

Now that you’ve read the three most common packing mistakes, you’re ready to write that list and start packing.  Enjoy a stress-free campervan holiday vacation today when you book a campervan hire with us.

Enjoy a lot of great specials and low prices on a wide selection of campervans and motorhomes that you can choose from.

If you think you can add to this list on packing mistakes, share your packing tips with us on or comment below and we’ll gladly have a little chat with you.