August has been a busy month, I had a great month of physical training, and spent the middle week of August up at Mt Hotham skiing for fun, with friends and of course getting in some training when possible. It snowed quite a bit and we were able to get some good skiing in, I had a smile on my face!

We had 2 Australia New Zealand Cup Ski Cross events on the 21st and 22nd August which would be my first events since March. We were faced with variable difficult weather conditions for the competitions. High winds, snowing and bad visibility. The Hotham events team did a great job, putting a lot of effort into getting the course prepared and getting the events off the ground.



On Saturday 21st we managed to get a qualification result off the ground and i was very happy with my 2nd place, now I just had to hold it in the finals. Due to the weather and variable soft snow conditions, the finals were postponed until Sunday morning and they would try to get 2 events off in the one day. This makes it a very long day for anyone involved, particularly the athletes, meaning we will do 10+ runs down the course, which is quite physically demanding at 100%!

 Sarah Sauvey Mount Hotham

On Sunday morning the conditions were still difficult but the snow was harder and the course had been worked on. After qualifying in 2nd, I ended up with good gate selections, skied well in my heats and progressed into the big final! I was pleased to find myself in such a good position after what has been a difficult year. It was myself, Katya (AUS), Yulia (RUSSIA) and Violetta (RUSSIA). I had a decent start but have to say I was just very slow along the top flat, and found myself right on the back of Violetta in 4th place. As we progressed down the course, Violetta moved out to take more direction into the hip jump and I went more straight, causing us both to scream and land on top of each other over the hip, thank fully we both stayed up, and it was close coming into the final turns, and I finished in 4th position. I was pretty happy with the result as much as I would have liked to have held my 2nd place, but it was a good quality final and good racing all round!

Mount hotham 

In the second event, I qualified in 3rd place, found myself cruising through my heats and found myself once again in the big final. It was the same 4 competitors battling for the podium once again! I had a pretty good start and once again just found myself slow across those top rollers, there wasn’t any overtaking and I managed to enter the last couple of turns and crash out, leaving me with 4th place.  Another pleasing result! All in all it was a great weekend of racing and I was stoked to find myself comfortably in the big final for both events. Next competitions will be the first World Cups for the season in San Candido, Italy on the 18th and 19th December 2010.

I am onward to New Zealand now for the Apollo Campervan Adventure Series, a film and photography adventure around Wanaka and Queenstown, so I will be in touch soon.