Australia safe driving tips

Driving a rental campervan around Australia can be a daunting prospect. However, with a little preparation and prior knowledge, you will find your Aussie road trip easy and enjoyable.

While Apollo vehicles have been engineered for an easy driving experience, motorhomes and campervans are much larger than the average family car, and as such, should be driven with extra care.

You will notice that the driver’s cabin is set up a little differently than a car. Various driver controls may be positioned differently. For example, your indicator may be on a different side of the vehicle than you are accustomed to. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the controls in the driver’s cabin before leaving the rental branch.

Before departing, you should run through the following checklist to ensure a safe and trouble free journey. Start inside your vehicle and move to the outside, checking your vehicle and surroundings as you go.

–    -Stow away kitchen utensils including the microwave plate. This will help prevent rattling and breakages.

–    -The fridge door has a locking mechanism to prevent the door opening while travelling. Make sure that this has been securely fastened.

 campervan rental australia kitchen


–    -Check that all power leads and appliances are disconnected and stowed.

–   -Ensure that all cupboard doors are closed and locked to prevent them from opening while in motion.  Most cupboard doors are opened by a push button. 

–    -Check that all windows and doors have been securely locked. Don’t forget to close skylights and roof vents and retract the television antenna if your vehicle has one.

–    -Walk outside your vehicle, remembering to stow the step.

–    -Make sure the gas has been turned off at the bottle, and the grey water outlet is in the closed position.


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–    -Visually scout the area and plan your exit, taking note of any obstacles such as low lying tree limbs or obstacles on the ground. 

–    – Returning to the drivers cabin, make sure you have adjusted all the mirrors, your seat position, the air conditioning and your stereo. It is important that you are not distracted when driving your Camper.

–    – Finally, make sure that you and all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts.

If you are reversing, make sure you use a spotter. Have someone outside the vehicle check for overhead and side clearance, as well as obstacles. Ensure the spotter is positioned so that you can see them in the side mirror.

Remember to drive on the left side of the road, and be sure to take into account the extra height and width of your vehicle, particularly when approaching undercover car parks, trees and so on, as well as considering your turning room and ground clearance.

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Always allow faster vehicles to overtake your camper, and allow extra space between your vehicle and other road users, especially when braking. This will not only provide you with safe distance but will also help avoid damage to your windscreen from stones thrown up by other vehicles. 

Australia is a large country. In order to enjoy your holiday, we recommend that you research your intended travelling route thoroughly, particularly your travelling distances. It is far better to travel at a leisurely pace, exploring the many attractions of Australia, rather than spend each day driving long distances. Aim to cover 150 – 250 kilometres per day and you will experience Australia in comfort.

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Above all, make sure you familiarise yourself with the Australian road rules before you pick up your rental campervan, and exercise a little extra caution when driving. We look forward to seeing you on your next Aussie adventure!

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2 Responses to Australia safe driving tips

  1. Australia is indeed a beautiful city to visit and there are lot of tourist spots to go and see for yourself. When you visited a place, it requires driving and you must learn how to drive properly in order to avoid accident and enjoy your Australia trip.

  2. You shared many great tips here for perfect road adventure. Just to add, you have to be prepared just in case road accident happen. Sometimes, you have no control with the situation and you have to deal with it. But, it does not mean it can ruin your beautiful journey. The perfect campervan is the key for successful road trips adventure.

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