Australia’s 10 Best Day Treks

Have you ever wanted to see the beauty of Australia for yourself? You’ve heard of the great outback and the beautiful landscapes in the country. It’s one thing to see pictures, but to travel in a campervan and see it in person is an amazing experience.

There are many different ways to experience Australia and road trips that you can take, but one of the best ways to enjoy the nature and beauty of this fascinating country is to take day treks in the different areas that you visit.

Following are the 10 best day treks and why you should go:

1. Bluff Knoll

"Bluff Knoll" BY AnveshPandra via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 2.0. Full license terms at

There’s just something about the views from Bluff Knoll that make it one of the most sought-after day treks in Australia. While the trek starts out somewhat calm and easy, it soon becomes hard work in certain areas and definitely one that will get your heart pumping. The views of the lush nature below are worth the long yet satisfying climb.

2. Dove Lake Circuit

"Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania" BY Jameson Fink via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 2.0. Full license terms at

If you’re visiting Tasmania, you will want to visit the Dove Lake Circuit. It’s a good trek for families with children as it isn’t too challenging, yet it’s a beautiful and unique location that will be sure to amaze all of you. From the views of Cradle Mountain to the abundant wildlife, it’s an entertaining and short trek for mums, dads, and kids alike.

3. Kings Canyon Rim Walk

"Start of the 3-4 hour Kings Canyon Rim Walk" BY Jorge Láscar via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-2.0. Full license terms at

This one is much more challenging than Dove Lake Circuit – but a truly beautiful one! Kings Canyon Rim Walk is definitely worth the hike. While it is doable with children, it may not be the best for families with small kids. There isn’t any shade and the climb can take a while. Otherwise, for adults or families with older children, it is a fun trek with gorgeous views that are worth taking the time to see.

4. Kata Tjuta

"Kata Tjuta" BY Ed Dunens via under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-2.0. Full license terms at

The unique landscape in the area makes for a highly captivating day trek at Kata Tjuta. From the red rock domes to the surrounding desert-like scenery, this is the kind of trek that you want to be sure bring your camera – and plenty of water – on.

5. Wineglass Bay

"Wineglass Bay" BY Gopal Vijayaraghavan via under a Creative Commons attribution CC BY-2.0. Full license terms at

Wineglass Bay is located is in Freycinet National Park and is a place that you will want to visit while travelling in your rental campervan. For those who like to spend some time trekking, you should hike from Wineglass Bay Lookout to the beach and then on to Hazards Range. You will be rewarded with plenty of gorgeous views of the beaches and bays in the area.

6. Sealers Cove Track

"Rain Forest Boardwalk" BY Daniel Walker via under a Creative Commons attribution CC BY-SA 2.0. Full license terms at

One of the amazing things about Australia is the variety in landscape. We’ve mentioned treks for those looking for desert terrain or beaches. Sealers Cove Track provides beautiful walk through the luscious rain forest. With plenty of shade through the forest, it is easy enough for families with children. Just make sure to check the tide of the stream the passes through the trail, as sometimes it may be a bit high and you will get slightly wet.

7. Carnarvon Gorge

"Carnarvon Gorge DSC08108 Qld" BY Ian Cochrane via under a Creative Commons attribution CC BY-2.0. Full license terms at

One of the things that makes Carnarvon Gorge an iconic walk (besides the beautiful scenery) is the indigenous drawings on the rock formations. It’s a captivating experience as you discover the stories from Karingbal people while you also witnessing the gorgeous scenery in the area.

8. Coomera Circuit

"Coomera Circuit" BY Briony Thomson via under a Creative Commons attribution CC BY 2.0. Full license terms at

This day trek will provide you with the opportunity to see some beautiful waterfalls. While it isn’t that challenging for people who love multiple-day treks, it is definitely a satisfying walk with great views and plenty of shade from the forest.

9. Great Ocean Walk in Victoria

"Great Ocean Walk 093 Australia" BY Ian Cochrane via under a Creative Commons attribution CC BY-2.0. Full license terms at

The Great Ocean Walk can be long or short, depending on the trail that you take. If you have a limited amount of time yet still want to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the area, you can rest assured that this area will still provide plenty of incredible views. There are several different walks to choose from, but most of them will allow you to visit beaches in the area.

10. Mt. Sorrow Ridge

"Mt Sorrow Ridge walk" by

Located in the Daintree National Park, the Mt. Sorrow Ridge trail is one that will satisfy the trekker who enjoys a challenge while observing the beauty of the rainforest and the views from above. The trek also allows moments of glorious beauty with remarkable views of the coastline and reefs.

There’s no doubt about it  – one of the best things you can do in Australia is hire a campervan and set out to explore all of these incredible destinations. While there are multiple-day treks, if you want to get to know as many places as possible while on your trips, planning day treks in these different locations is a great way to do it.

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