Discover mainland Australia by driving to some of the country’s most popular regions. Unlike the rest of the world, Christmas in Australia is the height of summer, so there’s really no better way to spend the holidays than driving your family from one hot tourist attraction to the next aboard your very own campervan hire.

After securing a vehicle for yourself and your travel companions, the next step is deciding where to go and what to do. If you’re going on a campervan trip for the first time and a bit hesitant about driving huge distances, we’ve listed a Melbourne to Sydney itinerary you can try on your upcoming Christmas road trip with stops at some of Australia’s best attractions.

Melbourne To Sydney – Your Christmas Road Trip

Total Travel Time: 13 hours, 8 minutes

Melbourne – Bendigo

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This road trip begins with a 1-hour, 51-minute drive from Melbourne to Bendigo. Bendigo is popular for its vineyards, heritage-listed structures and thriving art scene. The overall appeal of the town is evident the moment you arrive.

Explore the city by foot and visit Alexandra Fountain and the beautifully maintained law courts and old post office building. Stroll down Rosalind Park and lay out a picnic lunch while enjoying the fresh air and views of the cascade waterfall.

Not to be left behind is Bendigo’s art scene and historic areas. Visit art galleries and shop for souvenirs in one of many antique stores in the area. Go back in time and learn about the city’s Gold Rush past, which was essential in shaping the local community into the vibrant metropolis it is today.

Bendigo – Rutherglen

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The second leg of the trip is a 3-hour and 16 minutes drive from Bendigo to Rutherglen. The beautiful town is is home to some of the best food and wine products in the country. There is a wide range of family-friendly restaurants, vineyards and fresh produce which means you wouldn’t go hungry when you’re in Rutherglen.

Park your campervan and rent a bike to explore the town’s bike trails or go bird spotting. You can also play a round of golf and enjoy a sumptuous lunch at one of the local markets.

Rutherglen – Tumut

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From Rutherglen it’s a 2-hour, 40-minute drive to the picturesque town of Tumut. However you want to spend your Christmas holiday, the town won’t run out of things you can do.

For the adventure seekers, go hang-gliding over the state forest. Or go for a relaxing bush walk through the nearby parks. If you want to stay in town, there are craft shops and museums you can check out. Shop for fresh local produce and cook up a delicious dinner in your campervan.

Tumut – Canberra

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Canberra is your next stop which is a 2-hour, 16-minute drive from Tumut. The city is more than just the country’s capital. It’s also home to historic and natural treasures, waiting to be explored.

Don’t miss Parliament House while you’re in the city. Also check out the National Museum of Australia and the National Gallery of Australia. You can also take the kids to Questacon for a day of interactive science and technology adventure.

Canberra – Sydney

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The last leg of the journey is a 3-hour and 5-minute drive to Sydney along Hume Highway. This is a particularly interesting route due to the attractions you’ll pass along the way. Goulburn for instance is home to the 15-metre high Big Merino, a monument to the district’s wool industry.  You will also drive through NSW’s Southern Highlands and be treated to world-class wineries, exceptional antique finds and national parks. From the Southern Highlands, it’s an easy hour-and-a-half drive to the harbour city of Sydney.

Don’t miss out on these hot destinations and the opportunity to make your family’s Christmas more memorable. So get the gang together and start planning your next campervan holiday!