So you’re planning a getaway with the family and you’re looking at renting out a home on wheels, but not quite sure which one is right for you? Well it all depends on what type of holiday you’re after and how you’re going to be using the vehicle.

Caravans are perfect for those wanting to set-up camp and relax. You can pull up, unpack, and settle in to your new base. If you want to explore your surroundings (or need to run to the shops) there’s no need to pack up your camp – you can just jump in your car and go! This is perfect for those who are basing themselves at one campground but would like to take day trips throughout the area to explore.  Caravans tend to be generally smaller set-ups than a 6 person motorhome, meaning you can also squeeze into smaller spaces and roads.

A Campervan is the middle ground between a caravan and a motorhome, and is perfect if you are looking for something easy to drive and are happy to forego a toilet and shower. They can sleep up to 4 people and still come with your kitchen essentials like a stove, kettle, and microwave. Camerpervans are a great option if you are travelling from place to place and need only the basics on your adventure!

On the other hand, Motorhomes are a great option if you plan on heading away with the family and want to move campsites throughout your holiday and are travelling for a longer period of time. It’s so easy to just quickly pack up your camp, jump in, and head off to your next destination.  But this does mean if you are only heading off on a day trips you will still need to pack up your whole camp. Depending on the size of your motorhome they can be a little tricky to park at busy locations meaning popping to the shops can be a little more difficult.

But what about finding a campground for my vehicle? Most campgrounds will accept all caravans, campervans and motorhomes and will have powered and unpowered sites available. For most campgrounds you will need to reverse your vehicle onto your site, so make sure to have a spotter near by to help!

Which one has more features? This all depends on which model you go for. Our Mossman C comes with a fixed Queen bed at one end and spacious bunks for the kids at the other end, an ensuite, fridge, microwave, sink, stovetop, pantry, and even a washing machine. Our campervans and motorhomes range from our Hitop camper which can sleep two and comes with a stove and fridge, right through to our Euro Slider which can sleep up to 4 adults, and features a stove, fridge, tv, a shower and toilet, and air conditioning.