New South Wales Beach

It is the best way to experience the summer feeling with nature sightseeing and sports in New South Wales. You will not be unfamiliar with the Landmark of Sydney, Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge as well as bondi beach. This time I involved in hiking in Harbor Park and playing in the beach around Manly, which is another unique and dynamic I have personally experienced what Sydney is.

Discovery the civilization of the sea

Wake up in the morning, you should set out from Sydney Circular Quay and go to Mossman Quay by ferry, and then change to buses to go through the Spit Bridge. You can also go there by hire a family motorhome. Begin your hiking trip when you go down the bridge. It is a challenge as you should have enough power to do it, but it should be interesting and make you feel more powerful. So, take on your equipage and enough food and water, start your trip.

It is famous as walking route of Spit Bridge to Manly, the entire route is approximately 10km long. Take your Passion to tasting this beautiful. First you will cross two bays, and then cross the sydney harbor park. There are pedestrian lanes around with bush and rock beaches. It is full of nice scenery when you set your foot on it and it will be exciting adventures. Once in a while they are quiet and shade, sometimes magnificent. They are all in your eyes with the whole senary of north Sydney harbor and Tasman Peninsula as well as the blue skylines. You will find the relic of Rock engravings of Aboriginal if you be careful with the ground of the observation deck. Such a big surprise!

How can we spend our holiday without sunshine beaches in this summer day? Reef Beach and Forty Baskets Beach are best places where local people like to spend their space time. There are many people who have grill party, surfing, swimming or sunbathing here. The most impressive for Manly beach is plenty of the sailboats and yachts on the sea, it looks like they are ready for the match. But as you know, people are playing in the sea with leisurely. And the colorful of the hot-air balloon are rising from the sea level, a lot of flyer try to glide such so busy beach as you see. How to stop our passion for this exciting? If you are a sport lover, why not try some fun things here.

Manly wharf is the end of our hiking trip. It is a mall full of shop and delicious, gather so many bars and restaurants, such as Hugos Manly Restaurants. You must have a delicious dinner here as you consume too much physical in the trip. Try some local sea-foods and wines. The Belgium Coffee shop which located in the middle of the mall, received a lot of praise. Manly is a small seaside town with low lifestyle, delicacy and shopping. Along the front street of the dock is the main road to manly town, there are chic clothing shop, supermarket and ice cream shop at the roadside, most of them are chic things. Beside the road there are many craft markets in the alley, you can look around after dinner. On the late night, live nearby the Manly Beach, so many hotels for your choice. If you hire a campervan with shower, just get in and have a sweet dream. When you wake up in the morning, the beautiful sunshine and seascape will go with you in the new day.

Eastern BeachDynamic and leisurely

Visiting Manly, how not to go Manly beach. It is the longest beach in New South Wales, also is local people favorite beach of its pure water. Whenever you go there you always see the merry crowds. The Manly beach was the birthplace of surfing of Australia and the famous beach has become the world’s third surfing reserve. And in a myriad of dynamic aquatic sports play the beach volleyball with your friends or learning how to surfing by the coach, or paddle fast the small dinghy. Moreover, Hire a bicycle around the beach is exciting as well.

There are too many shops and restaurants around the Manly beach. Jellyfish provides super seascape and modern cuisine. Whitewater Restaurant will be one of the better choice for you, do not miss the Seafood Platter, super delicious!

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