Sep 2011

Myself and five others travelled and slept in the vehicle and all found it sufficiently spacious and comfortable whilst I was surprised of its maneuverability in car parks etc. Although I have drove them on the yard before I expected the Euro Deluxe to be a lot more difficult than it was to drive through towns and park in car parks.

My friends were very impressed with what was included in the vehicle it was more than what they had expected!.

Litchfield national park was really good. I would definitely recommend this, particularly Florence falls and for the more comfortable swimmers Wangi falls. There is a lot to do

Banyan Tree caravan park was quiet at this time of year and is great to relax, we felt it was a reasonable price ($25 for two with power and then $9 extra pp) for a powered site with bathroom and cooking amenities.

Overall I would rate:

Euro Deluxe 5/5

Litchfield National Park 5/5

Banyan Tree Caravan Park 3/5

 On the first day we noticed a lot of customers in Apollo vehicles would wave to us so we started doing it every time we seen an Apollo vehicle which was often and it was fun for everyone especially if travelling long distances – The Apollo wave was a fun little extra during our trip!

Thanks Apollo

Thomas Harris