Camping and road trips help your children discover new things. By spending time outdoors, children get to experience life outside  the comfort of your home. One thing that we should not take for granted during these trips, however, is preparing their food.

Some kids are very picky eaters (some adults too, truth be told). On the road or in the wilderness, you don’t have the luxury of a complete kitchen and you’re probably miles from a diner. To help you keep your children fed and happy throughout the trip, here are five easy-to-do tips on preparing prepare camp food that they will surely like:

  1. Plan Your Dishes Ahead

Often we shop for food during  the camping trip because of limited storage capacity. Before your  next shop, make sure that you list down the dishes you’ll make and the ingredients you need to for the recipe. Ask your children what they want to eat. This helps you avoid  wasted food because you prepared something your kids didn’t like.

Some of the things you should consider when choosing a dish to prepare are the size of your van’s food storage; the distance to the next town where you can buy food; the amount your family or group consumes and the shelf life of the food you bought.


"Picnic Burger Corn Coleslaw Beans 2011 Grand Rapids Montessori Walk-a-Thon and Picnic June 09, 201112" by Steven Depolo available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at Steven Depolo

  1. Carry Practical Food in your Trip

Stock up on food that is easy to store in the fridge and pantry. . Make sure that they will last throughout the journey. If you are travelling for several days, bring food items that will not easily expire.

Mix up veggies, fruits and meat so that your young ones will have plenty  of food options. Bringing canned goods is also great if you want to shorten preparation time. Ensure that you have necessary kitchen staples such as cooking oil, condiments and seasoning.

  1. Organize your Cooking Equipment

Apollo Motorhome Holiday’s vehicles are equipped with cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery so you can prepare your meals even while you’re on the road. For your kids’ safety, keep dangerous and sharp objects from their reach.

Bring aluminium foil which you can use not only to wrap leftover food but also to cook  food over a campfire or hot charcoal. When using a portable stove, make sure that it has no leak or damage to prevent incidents.


  1. Get Easy Camping Recipes Online

Imagine running short of food and the next supermarket is several hours drive away. You check the fridge and found some chicken, carrots and peas. What do you do with these few ingredients? Easy.  Go online and simply check if you can whip a dish from what you have. 

 You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare food even with limited ingredients on hand. For example, eggs can be cooked in more than ten ways. If your children are picky eaters, you can make food more palatable to them by adding fun designs when you prepare their plates.

  1. Let Your Children Help With Cooking

Don’t just let your kids wait for their meal. If they are old enough, let them  help you cook. Not only does this teach your kids to be independent, they also get excited to eat food that “they” cooked.

Assign tasks that you know they can do even if it’s something as  simple as peeling the potatoes, setting the table,  or even helping you chop vegetables. Camping food is best served when everyone has helped prepare the meal. .

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