One of the perks of working for Apollo is the opportunity to have great familiarisation trips in our top-of-the-range motorhomes.

One of our Hobart branch staff members, Phil, recently took a Euro Tourer to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. This is his story:


We set off on Friday afternoon and stayed the first night at Longford, always a lovely green spot on the banks of the South Esk river.

South Esk River Tasmania

In the morning, as we travelled further north and west, there were snow clouds over the mountains, which were expected to clear during the day, so we were in no hurry to get directly to Cradle Mountain. Instead we turned off at Deloraine to Mole Creek, and then across to Sheffield, Latrobe and on the highway to Penguin, where we had ham sandwiches we had packed the previous day.

The four ways to Cradle Mountain are

a)            From Deloraine, through Mole Creek and the Cethana dam. This is a beautiful drive in a car or a small campervan, but has lots of sharp bends and steep ascents and descents!

b)            From Devonport via Sheffield. This goes close to the glorious Mt Roland, then picks up the same road to Cethana dam.

c)            From Forth via Wilmot, known as the town with the original G.J.Coles store. This road is also full of bends in the early section, but it gets progressively better.

d)            From the west coast, turning off the Murchison Highway. This is by far the newest road to Cradle Mountain, but we have never had the need to travel on it.

 cows tasmania

After a late lunch we went back on the highway towards Forth and the Wilmot road, with magnificent views across Lake Barrington to Mt Roland.

 Lake Barrington

Arriving at Cradle Mountain an hour and a half later, we were the ONLY Motorhome at the caravan park! After a cold night with the heater on full all night, next morning was crisp, foggy and frosty