The word “summer” means two things for parents. First, all your kids are on school break, so everything’s noisier, messier and crazier than usual at home. Second, you need to plan something that will keep the kids occupied, at the same time allow you to enjoy quality time with the family.

But let’s face it, family vacations can be very expensive. Between plane fares, hotel accommodations and dining costs, you would find yourself burning a big hole through your pockets before you’re even halfway through the trip. This is one of the reasons camping remains a popular holiday activity for families or group of friends.

However, even camping trips can be pricey if you do not plan the trip well. But like we always say, quality time with your loved ones should not come at a high price. So to help you plan a memorable summer holiday with your friends or family, here are fun, affordable summer camping tips from your friendly travel experts at Apollo Motorhomes.

1. Forget expensive hotels and transport services. Rent a motorhome!

Australia is best explored by driving to one tourist destination to another. Whether you plan to take your family camping in the Western Australia outback or surfing at Bondi Beach, half the fun is in getting there via motorhome.

Unlike car rentals, a motorhome has more room for your luggage. Your family (or friends) can relax and enjoy the scenic drive since the vehicle is outfitted with comfortable seats and beds. Motorhomes are also self-sufficient. Why spend money eating in pricey restaurants when you have a perfectly working stove, microwave and refrigerator in the motorhome?

If you get too tired driving, Australia has hundreds of camp sites you can spend the day or night in. Simply park the motorhome, lay out the bedding and everyone can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars.

2. Spend the day or night in budget-friendly camp sites and beaches.

One of the best things about renting a motorhome is you save a lot of money on hotel accommodation. Besides, you’re taking your family camping – booking a hotel or motel room for the night is definitely not camping. With several budget-friendly camp sites and beaches in Australia, you get to save money on accommodations and still enjoy the great outdoors.

Blow Holes camp grounds near Carnarvon, Western Australia is popular among campers

not just because of its affordable fees (around $11 per adult/night; children up to 16 years old are free of charge), but mostly because it is one of the few places in the country where the desert actually extends to the sea.  This allows your family to enjoy Australia’s exciting outback and pristine oceans, in one convenient location.

The Blow Holes camp ground is only a few metres from the sea, so you and your family can spend the day swimming and fishing (maybe even cook that fish for dinner). At night, build a camp fire and enjoy the sounds and cool breeze coming in from the ocean.

3. Take the gang hiking.

After spending several hours driving to different tourist spots in Australia, you just want to arrive at a camp site and stretch out your legs. In addition, your kids would definitely want to get out of the motorhome – it’s comfortable and fun, but kids need to go exploring!

Luckily, Australia is home to some of the best hiking trails in the world. In fact, you would not have difficulty finding a beautiful, affordable hiking track to take the gang to. So book your family on a National parks Discovery Walk at the Blue Mountains camp grounds in New South Wales.

Nature Walks are available every day of the week and features nature talks and tours by seasoned park rangers. The Discovery Walk also features a Toddler Treasure Hunt, camp fire activities as well as historic tours that the entire family will enjoy.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling with friends and want a more exciting hiking adventure, go up Six Foot track also located in Blue Mountains National Park.

Six Foot Track is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the history and culture of New South Wales. This famous hiking track features the 45 kilometre stretch of the region’s original horse track to Jenolan Caves from Katoomba.

While it usually takes three days to complete the entire length of the trail, you can choose to take shorter walks because the trail has several sections where you can access roads going back to the camp grounds.

4. Make camp fire cooking a family / group activity.


“Dinner’s On” BY Virginia State Parks via under a Creative Commons Atribution 2.0 Generic. See full license terms at BY Virginia State Parks

People – kids especially – just love to gather around a camp fire. It’s not just the warmth that the camp fire obviously provides but it is a great time to just enjoy the company of family and friends. You can tell stories, sing camp songs and of course, roast marshmallows.

Camp fire cooking definitely completes any summer camping holiday. But why do all the work when you can turn it into an activity that the entire family will enjoy?

The key is to choose camping meals that are easy to make. And by easy we mean slapping food onto an iron griddle or sticking food through a stick, all ready to cook in the fire and be eaten a few minutes later. All you have to do is prepare the food before starting your camping trip. Not only does this cut down on your prep time while you’re at the camp site, your kids can start “cooking” their own food sooner and have a lot of fun doing so.

Slice hotdogs ready for roasting; secure omelet and pancake mixtures in ziploc bags so your kids can easily fry them on iron pans over the fire; make individual S’more goodie bags for every member of the family so they can make their own camp fire dessert. Trust us, no restaurant in the world can equal the fun and closeness that camp food you and your family prepared and cooked together can bring.


A perfect summer camping trip doesn’t have to be expensive or boring. So book an Apollo Motorhome today by visiting our site. We look forward to being a part of your family’s next camping trip!