A Brief History of Road TripsToday, road trips have garnered so many different meanings to different age groups and personalities. For youngsters, it’s almost a rite of passage before they move on to college—like a growing-up movie where everybody discovers the “meaning of life.” To the family, it may be as simple as getting away from the usual humdrums of life—away from the mundane TV dramas of work, life and home. While for others, it is the final adventure—the last unchecked box from the bucket list and moving on.

They say that to move forward, aside from actually heading forward, we must also glance back—check our rearview mirrors, so to speak. Today, that’s what we’re doing; before we head on to experience the work sparkling destination at a time (this is the dream, guys, this is the dream), we’re taking a step back to discover what has been said and has been done. Ready for a time travel?

The First Car

Where did it all begin anyway?

Though, through the years, more types of vehicles have allowed overseas transport, one that remains a favourite for land are cars. As for road trips, we can be rest assured that the prime choices are motorhomes and campervans. We’re not saying this just because we produce them, we genuinely believe they are comfortable and even luxurious—like having your hotel on wheels, ready to go whenever you are.

Benz Patent MotorwagenThe first ever car was designed in 1807 by François Isaac de Rivaz but in 1879, the first legitimate automobile patent was granted in Germany to Karl Benz. Not long after the first car, called the Motorwagen or Patent-Motorwagen, was built. In the years to come, we recognise only what we can describe to be a revolution in the world. Cars have changed, nay, shaped the history of transport, travel and the world in general.

The First Road Trips

When we talk of Australia, and the US, one of the few things that come to mind are the long scenic roads and just how much we want to traverse them. We think of the blue mountains as we approached them, the colours turning to a mix of green and brown. We think of the destinations once only seen in photos to be carved into memory. We think of the bonds never formed coming to formidable terms.

The first road trip was never spurred by a longing to travel; it all began with a bet, USD 50, and some bloated egos. In 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson, debating at a bar, wanted to defy all others who said that a cross-country trip from San Francisco to New York was not possible to do in 90 days.

History 3Before the trip, he recruited a companion, a 22-year- old former bicycle racer and a gasoline engine mechanic Sewall Crocker.  through the latter’s recommendation, they bought a 20-horsepower Winton that Jackson named “Vermont.”

All previous cross-country automobile trips ended in failure but Jackson’s was a force to be reckoned with. The trip, as expected, did not go swimmingly well, however. There were several problems along the way: a rear tire blew, the Vermont had to be hauled manually in rockier roads, the clutch broke, the oil line clogged,  the directions were wrong, they got stuck in a quagmire and perhaps all the trouble you can imagine.

They bought a bull terrier named Bud in Idaho and continued on in their trip. The journey has gained a fanfare, with some of their stops helping them reach goals.

Though marred with roadside disasters, the trip ended well with a full month to spare—it was adjourned in a matter of 63 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes but had costed about USD8,000.

It’s unclear when it all started in Australia. If we could be sure about anything about it, we know it began when there weren’t paved roads, when all there was were camels and horses and when thirst and hunger was a real issue while traversing the country. The next set of travellers mapped out the country which paved the way for our roads, telephone lines and rail lines. Amazing, right?

The past indeed was a simple, with air conditioners being the continuous flow of air from the windows and entertainment, real road trip and board games. But the real score always lied in the destination and Australia was never one to disappoint, ever.

The country is full of amazing destinations from coast to coast. Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns, all bustling with activity and a round up of attractions, have proven to be, time and time again, the hotspots for international travellers and even locals. Perth, on the other hand, located in Western Australia, inspires people with its idyllic wonders close to perfect landscapes.

Now, all we can think about is going on an adventure!History 1

Where you should go

Somehow, no matter how hard we list everything down,  Australia manages to surprise us with a new destination. There are innumerable places to discover from all of its six main states but when it comes to road trips, we always have our favourites. Victoria’s Great Ocean Road never ceases to amaze with 250 kilometres of its pristine wonder. Begin with Australia’s surf city, Torquay and end with the Twelve Apostles but, please, never forget all the adventures in between.

In Queensland, try what is known as the Sunshine Coast Hinterland or the Rainforest Way that goes to New South Wales. But, really anywhere you go, we’ll be driving with you hand in hand.

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