It’s no secret that some kids just hate road trips…and some parents hate road trips when they’ve got kids nagging them in the back seat. These little bolts of energy really find it hard to stay “motionless and quiet” for a long period of time unless they’re glued to some sort of portable electronic device…which defeats the purpose of a going on a road trip to spend more time with each other!

Sure, you can keep them busy munching away at their favourite sandwiches or snacks for a while, but once their grumbling stomachs are satisfied, you are left wondering how to keep them from asking the proverbial “ARE WE THERE YET?” over and over again.

Here’s the good news. You can change that.

We’ve made a list of our all-time-favourite car games that will keep the whole family entertained on your next road trip, check them out below!

Your Guide on How to Keep Kids Entertained During Long Road Trips

Carpool Karaoke

Who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long?
Before heading out on your motorhome holiday, make sure you’ve created a good playlist that will last you a few hours and keep everyone happy.
From ABBA to Justin Bieber (and everything in between) you’re sure going to have a good time belting out a few classics!

I Spy

Almost everyone has played I-Spy before, it’s a crowd favourite! If you haven’t it’s super simple: the object of the game is to let the others in the van guess which object in your surroundings (either in the van or on the road) that you’ve looked at.

The one who gives the right answer will be the next one asking the “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter..” or “I spy with my little eye something with the colour…”You can do as many variations as you can with this simple, funny and entertaining road trip game.

Guess Who

A very simple but still entertaining road trip game.
All you need to do is think of someone that everyone knows (like a movie star, or a cartoon character, or even one of your relatives, or better yet, even someone inside the campervan!).
Have everyone else inside the campervan ask you who their guess is, one by one of course, you can only answer yes or no, as always, give the winner the chance to be the “toastmaster”.


This is a great road trip game that will surely keep the kids entertained and busy. Start this game by asking anyone to say an animal of their option, like for example, a DOG.
Then the next would have to say another animal but with the last letter of the animal mentioned before as the starting letter this time, as in GOAT.
The next would have to begin with the letter T. It goes on until someone can’t think of an animal and they are out.

Name that Animal

Another fun and exciting road trip game that you can do is to let all the kids look out of one of the campervan’s windows and try to shout out loud the name of the animals that they see.
You can make this game even more appealing by giving away a prize to the person who first shouts out the correct name of the animal.
This will keep them glued to the window and before they know it, you might have arrived at your destination!

You can also pack a deck of cards, bingo set, or even a couple of colouring books to keep all the kids busy and occupied as you travel.
Any of these funny and enjoyable games will truly entertain the kids and provide the much-needed peace and concentration that you need while driving to your exciting holiday getaway.

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