It was my first driving experience on Australia, so I had a few apprehensions and this is why I chose a small vehicle regarding the Apollo fleet. I really appreciated to drive the Apollo Endeavour Camper van, it is very comfortable and easy to handle.

Apollo Endeavour Camper van

Friday Night: I went to a friend’s house to enjoy a birthday party. I was very happy to have the option to sleep on place and can fully responsibly enjoy the party.

Saturday: I went to the Gold Coast, beautiful sun, amazing beach and incredible waves to an awesome experience on Surfer paradise.  I stayed until the Saturday evening to enjoy the sunset behind the city face the beach.

Driving in Surfers Paradise

At the beach

Surfers Paradise

Sunday: I went with 3 other friends to the sunshine coast on Mooloolaba.  We spent a very good trip. There were a wild beach and a nice town with some Italian coffee and Thai restaurants. Even if the weather was a little bit cloudy, we spent a very nice day.