From Saturday the 20th to Monday the 22nd, I took the road for Mount Tamborine.

After a short drive through the mountain we arrived at the end of the afternoon close to a few shops,

A short travel for a totally change of style.

As tourists we were very excited about going to mount tambourine so that is with a big smile that we ask someone for our direction, we wanted to see the sunset.

We smile to this guy and we made friend instantly, we talked for a little time and then we went to Beacon Lookout as advised to see the sunset.

Mt Tamborine view

Mt Tamborine view

Mt Tamborine viewWonderful light to take pictures isn’t it?

At the beacon lookout a marriage was occurring and a big hummer limo parked close to the Hi top, I asked the driver if he wanted me to move the campervan for the wedding photo, he told me not and I asked him if he could move the hummer limo for me to take a photo of the campervan.

He appreciated the joke.

We met people here, two nice Italian women members of a church; beacon lookout is close to Mount Tambourine Convention Center.

We looked next for somewhere to stay; we didn’t want to pay a campsite.

It was 7:30 pm and it was a little bit cold too so we decided to find a bar or something opened at night and we found The Clancy’s Pub, a warm and welcoming place, musicians were playing Irish songs here.

Clancy's pub

We asked if it was possible to take a free shower somewhere at Mount Tamborine but that doesn’t exist apparently . So we came back to the Beacon Lookout to park and to sleep.

We woke up at 5 am on Sunday to see the sunrise at Eagle Heights (I think) it’s a part of Mount Tamborine facing East and what we found here is an incredible panorama, sunrise on the sea, on Gold Coast and on the forest.

Just take a look if you haven’t been there.

Mt Tamborine viewMt Tamborine view

Hard to take picture with the sunrise light but the result is not so bad.

Next we looked for a place to take a shower, we tried the swimming pool, it was closed and then we tried the convention center but we didn’t want to cheat so we asked people how much is it, the office was closed, we met the same ladies as the day before and they asked the boss if we could take a shower for a little contribution and the boss told us that it was free because we asked gently instead of cheating.

Very nice meeting really.

After we decided to go sky walking to know much more about fauna and flora having a new experience by walking close to trees top.

Mt Tamborine rainforest

We had a lot of fun to the national park we went next (I don’t remember the name) and it was also magnificent, by looking again at the pictures I’m nostalgic and still feeling the same emotions

Mt Tamborine Cedar Creek

Mt Tamborine Cedar Creek

The path was actually marked because it’s a dangerous place, not a place to play in but I can’t resist passing through the barrier for taking better pictures.

Mt Tamborine Cedar Creek

We came back to Brisbane next in one hour and a half, very tired but so full of happiness.

I’m pretty sure of one thing; I will never forget this place because we had very intense emotions. Definitely a place to live intense moments.

And I’ve seen only a little part of Mount Tamborine.

Who’s next for discovering more about that place?

Hope you enjoyed my Telling!