We are thrilled to have recently hosted Nancy on her very first motorhome road trip in our luxurious Euro Star along the east coast drive from Sydney to Brisbane – keep on reading as she shares her experience!

Before leaving Australia I wanted to try a new type of travel I’ve always had on my bucket list.
To rent a motorhome and just travel without a very precise plan.
For this I need to thank Apollo who helped put together my very first RV trip.
Apollo motorhome trip in Australia
Australia is a great Country for campervan travel and I bet there’s no Aussie who has never been out camping. Personally I had my only camping experiences while in Australia.
For nine days, my friend and I set off in a motorhome to explore the highlights of the east coast of Australia. The only road plan we had was to drive from Sydney to Brisbane, ideally sticking fairly close to the coast, where most of the beautiful views are.
Within 9 days I had driven over 1.000 kilometers stopping almost every day in a different location.
Although we just scratched the surface of what this incredible Country boasts, during our road trip, we attempted to see and stay in the most picturesque  places we could possibly find.
Apollo motorhome trip in Australia
I have to admit it though, as soon as I saw the motorhome we got I was unsure about it all. It was huge!
We got the Apollo Euro Star, a massive vehicle 7.7 meters long and 3.5 m tall. It was a proper studio flat…on wheels.
We always got interesting looks from fellow car drivers stopping next to us at traffic lights. Not your ordinary truck driver I guess. It was fun.

A fully self-contained motorhome truly is one of the most convenient and comfortable way to road tripping and probably the most luxurious way of being on the road. Of course, this also means it is the most expensive way of getting around!

The perks of having a self-contained vehicle are a lot. Below I’ve covered some pros and cons I learned on this trip so you can be better prepared when you embark on your own travel in a home on wheels. It’s been an outstanding experience however somehow different from what I was expecting.

This was the scenario I pictured in my mind. You drive around a Country, stopping only when you want to stop and sleeping wherever you feel like it. A type of travel that lets you do exactly what you want, when you want.
TRUE BUT NOT EXACTLY. Read further and you’ll see why.


You can cook

In a motorhome there’s a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t have to eat cold sandwiches all the time. Just keep the basics and then shop as you go. We used the stoves a lot and it’s been a huge pro factor. Instead we saved up on energy switching off the fridge – so we only bought ice-cream when we stayed in a powered campsite in Byron. If you know you’re going to have plenty of electricity available then you can go grocery shopping like at home.

Comfortable sleep 

Apollo Euro Star motorhome has two double-beds so plenty of space for a comfortable sleep. Plus we had pillows, bed sheets and duvets included. This last ones are ESSENTIAL if you travel in winter in New South Wales and stay in free campsites. Temperatures go as low as 6C at night so trust me, it does get freezing cold. Our motorhome was amazing as we had air-conditioning and heating as well, although this works only when you are plugged in a 240v power source. We used it again only in Byron Bay and it was a bliss to sleep in a warm space after a few freezing nights.

Indoor loo

You don’t have to pull off a highway and find the nearest gas station, there was a toilet with us wherever we went. Same applies to a shower, just make sure you have enough water in your tank.

Easy to drive

Surprisingly, a motorhome is very easy to drive, specially in highways so don’t worry about that, it is nowhere near as scary as you think…or as I thought. Parking it is a bit more challenging as you really need to have a spotter who helps you.


Ok, so it can’t all be rainbows and sunshine. Here’s the downside on what to expect on your first motorhome road trip.

Driving at night

It’s absolutely a bad idea to drive at night outside of towns and major cities. A lot of Australian wildlife comes out at night, specially kangaroos. Kangaroos usually rest in the shade during the day and come out to eat in the late afternoon and night when its much cooler, that’s why it’s best to stay completely off the road after sunset.

Where to park?

Parking options are more limited for a motorhome. Generally you can’t just park up where you feel like it to camp overnight, however you will find many designated areas that do allow free or low-cost camping. Unfortunately, there are some tourist places, such as Byron Bay, that strictly do not allow free camping, and if you want to be anywhere close to the town center, staying in a paid site is necessary.

Plus the vehicle most likely won’t be 4WD, which restricts a lot of the wilder places you can get to. A motorhome is mostly suitable for places that don’t require off-road exploring.

Stay in powered campsites whenever possible

The thought of camping close to the beach or up in the mountains is all very romantic and it’s great for a couple of nights but if you really want to take advantage of all the amenities a motorhome provides you then you need to have a constant access to electricity and water. It won’t be long before you miss  hot showers, washing the dishes in your motorhome rather than using that outdoor small sink, listening to the radio, watching a movie, charging all your electronics, get access to wi-fi. All this comes to a cost of course so consider this extra costs while budgeting your motorhome trip.

Apollo motorhome trip in Australia

Nine Days. Over a thousand kilometres. Two girls. One beast of a motorhome. It’s safe to say that our travel along the Eastern Australian coastline was one of the most memorable adventures I’ve been on this year.