Elite Sports Management Company Project Pro Extreme recently took an Apollo 6 berth Campervan to beautiful New Zealand. Skicross champ Sarah Sauvey tells her story.

After a busy few days competing at Mt Hotham, I had about 5 hours sleep and got on an early flight to Queenstown NZ, where I was greeted by Sarah Murphy, NZ’s biathlon Olympian. Sarah and I would be spending the next few days in an Apollo campervan travelling, living and laughing!

campervan mountain view jumping

After relieving my toenail from built up pressure with a hole by red hot paperclip, off we set to the Mt Aspiring Campervan Site in Wanaka.  I was greeted by the Project pro Extreme team, Nikki and Alex and Jasper the photographer, all the way from the Netherlands and J who was in charge of recording. We enjoyed a nice dinner then got some rest as we were going to head up treble Cone for a morning sun rise photo and video session!

skiing Mt Aspiring New Zealand

Sarah and I shared an Apollo 4-Berth Euro Camper. We each had a comfortable double bed, and loads of room for all our gear. We even had a toilet, refrigerator, shower, sink, cooker and TV! We were very comfortable. I slept like a baby, and come 5am, Nikki and Alex jumped on board and we drove up to Treble Cone. We stepped out of the camper in the Treble Cone carpark to the most amazing view with a gorgeous sunrise, something I recommend everyone to get over and see, it is out of this world and worth the 5am wake up!

 Campervan rental New Zealand interior

We got a number of magnificent photos and some great footage. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and headed up the mountain with head cams, Sarah on snowboard and myself on skis. We hiked up to the top of the summit and took runs in the saddle area, managing to get some great shots. The view from the top of the summit was breathtaking, (the walk up was rather breathtaking too haha). We were blessed with bright sunshine, amazing scenery and plenty of snow.New Zealand winter campervan hire

We spent time in Wanaka, admiring the surroundings, skimming rocks along the water edge and wondering the shops and enjoying hot chocolate. Then we sat back and enjoyed the view and the comfort that the camper had to offer. We enjoyed a lovely Thai meal in Wanaka and I spent a number of days in Queenstown, and even learnt how to shoot a biathlon gun, taught by one of the best! A great experience! New Zealand is truly beautiful, and what better way to get around and see its spectacular scenery and attractions than an Apollo Campervan!

campervan New Zealand fun


All images courtesy of Jasper Faber.