Say no to toll fines in Australia.

They say that good things don’t come easy, good things are to be patiently waited for and that good things require hard work. Each statement rings true in most cases but for travelling on a campervan, the hassle can be easily avoided. Through a campervan hire, everything, even tolls, can be as easy as drinking a glass of water.

A self-drive holiday by means of a campervan or motorhome is one of the most popular ways to see the spectrum of travel wonders and attractions of the Land Down Under. In the eastern part, where the regions of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are found, toll roads are used by travellers to navigate in and out of the metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The toll roads make for easier access to top destinations so here’s what you need to know to avoid fines.

Before anything else, let’s get acquainted with how tolls work in each region. As of press time, GoVia is the toll provider for Queensland. All you need to do is signup by visiting the GoVia website to get a pass. Motorists may choose between two options: the go viatag (an in-vehicle tag) or the go viavideo (a video toll system). For NSW, some toll roads still accept cash while most make use of a tag that can be purchased ahead of time in Roam Express. For others, a pass can be bought where the toll can be paid at a later time. In Victoria, meanwhile, several toll payment methods are available such as e-tag or e-pass systems, traditional ways or through a video system.

Knowledge is, and always will be, the ignition to your travels and knowing how the gears turn will always get you farther and faster. To avoid toll road fines, the best thing to do is to pay as early as possible. When renting a campervan with Apollo, the easiest way is to avail of a toll package upon pickup of the vehicle in the branch. For only $39 you’ll get $50 worth of toll value that’s valid for all Australia. This definitely makes it easier for you as there is not much to worry about anymore since all of Australia is covered and we’ll do the registrations for you. We also offer an automatic top up on your credit card for another $39 once you have reached $50.01 worth of toll crossings.

Another way of arranging your tolls is to set up your own pass by visiting the websites or calling the phones of the toll providers of your tour locations:

Toll Road
How to pay
Gateway Bridge, Gateway Extension and Logan Motorway
Call 1300 046 842
CLEM 7 Tunnel
Phone: 13 13 57
FLOW Pay: +61 7 3046 4046
Go Between Bridge
Phone: 13 13 57
FLOW Pay: +61 7 3046 4046
Airport Link M7
Phone: 1300 11 33 30
FLOW Pay: +61 7 3046 4046
New South Wales
Before you travel in New South Wales, register for an e-PASS on,
or by phoning 13 86 55, or +61 138 655 For International Callers.
Cross City Tunnel
Call 1300 555 833
Eastern Distributor
Call 1300 555 833 (for Roam e-pass) or 1300 138 107
Call 13 76 26
Lane Cove Tunnel and Falcon Street Gateway
Call 13 76 26
M4 – Western Motorway
NO PAYMENT REQUIRED (exceptions are on some Entry Roads)
M5 – South West Motorway
Call 1300 555 833
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Call 13 86 55
Sydney Harbour Tunnel
Call 13 18 65
M7 – Westlink
Call 13 86 55
Western and Southern CityLink
You can purchase a CityLink pass prior to travel or by midnight on the third day after your nominated day of travel by calling 13 26 29, or at participating Australia Post Offices and the Melbourne Airport Carpark.
East Link Toll – Breeze
You can buy a trip pass from, by calling 13 26 29, or at participating Australia Post Offices.
If you have a valid CityLink account, it works on EastLink and you shouldn’t need to buy a trip pass.

For more information on toll roads, head on over to Apollo’s Travel Information page and read about tolls. Follow more updates on Facebook and read more blogs today. Travel with Apollo for the best camping experience you’ll have in Australia!