Our Trip

We live in Fernvale, west of Brisbane. Our year started like many others in Queensland, rain, rain and more rain. Then on Wednesday 12th January like so many others disaster stuck. First our house was hit by a tsunami of water and then six hours later the river flooded us again. We escaped with our pets and a few belongings and when we returned we found that everything had been destroyed except the overhead kitchen cupboards.

It took a few days for help to arrive. For a couple of weeks we couldn’t see how we would survive or ever recover. Now after six months we are back in our house, all in one room.


Thanks to the generosity of Tony’s work mates and Apollo Campers we were recently presented with a voucher for 10 wonderful days in a camper van. This is our first family holiday ever and to get away and relax after the events of January has been something that we will treasure forever.

None of us had been north of Brisbane so our trip included many wonderful destinations from national parks to beautiful beaches. It made us realise the other side of Mother Nature.



The freedom of having our camper van and being able to wander along leisurely at our own pace was wonderful.


This trip was the perfect get-away to clear our heads and not worry about the house for a while. It gave us some much needed family time and for the first time in ages we found ourselves laughing.


Thankyou so much,


Tony, Melissa and Angela Kelly