As I am on my way to work on Friday the 11th of August, a little bell head rings in my head. Today is a special day… What is it? Of course our wedding anniversary! I could not stop speaking about it all week, (to the probable annoyance of my work colleagues) only to forget about it on D day….

Oh what am I going to do? I don’t have a gift, and my soul mate Renaud will probably have one for me… What am I going to do?  There has to be a way to surprise him. I see an Apollo Camper on my way to work…. There you go! I have my wedding anniversary present!

I ended up hiring the Apollo Euro Star, I can’t wait to be on the road! Renaud is pretty excited as well and we agree to leave on Saturday and head down to Byron Bay.

The plan was to leave on Saturday morning, the kids were up early and we were all set to go.   Antoine our oldest was extremely excited about that big “camperban” adventure as he called it! The set up is really good for travelling with kids, as they can use the table of the dining area to draw or play. Jeanne was obviously finding it very comfortable as she slept all the way. The only “missing item” would be a rear version mirror to be able to check what is going on at the back.

We arrived in Byron bay at around 5 o’clock and had to rush to park because of course there was a rugby game that evening and Renaud cannot miss a rugby game! So I guess you can imagine how relieved he was to see that the TV is working off the auxiliary battery, and that the antenna was working properly! He watched his game with Jeanne in his arms and I took the opportunity to go for a walk with Antoine who really wanted to see the sea, we both enjoyed this mum-son time!

After Australia lost against New-Zealand, Renaud’s spirits were not really up so we decided to get something to eat and find a nice parking spot for the night. We found the perfect place, right in front of the beach and after watching a DVD it was just great to fall asleep with the noise of the waves and the marine breeze.

Waking up was spectacular, the sunrise was beautiful and everything so quiet. That is until the children woke up of course…

We had lunch at a sushi place (yes typical Australian food…) and for the anecdote we were seated right next to Paul Kelly, whose girlfriend was giggling with Jeanne all the time. After that we decided to drive back through the countryside and headed to Nimbin, which is probably the most incredible place I have visited in Australia so far, it would probably have been fun without the kids… Having said that, the countryside is really beautiful and looks like France, to some extent…

We arrived home to Miro’s (the cat) delight as he seemed to have been very lonely without us…

Overall it was a really great experience and it was just great to spend quality time together.

SunsetKids in the back