Get your game on!

Get your game on!

In my experience, the first ten minutes of a road trip are noisy, full of excited plans on the first thing everyone would do, and even petty arguments from the children on the back seats.  And then, it slowly, but surely, gets quiet. The kids are dozing off, some are contemplating the life choices they’ve made while others simply just want to keep their mouths shut.

Like Donkey from the Shrek movies, everyone, especially the kids, will ask the most famous road trip question: “Are we there yet?”. Here are some games everyone can enjoy  while on the road to pass the time between stops.

Your Guide on How to Keep Entertained During Long Road Trips on Your Holiday

  • I Spy

This road trip game is, by far, probably the most famous one there is. One person will look around and choose for something that all the others will try and guess. To start the game, the person will say, “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter (insert the first letter of the something everyone is to look for)  or I spy with my little eye something with the colour (state the colour of the object). The player who guesses correctly first will then facilitate the the next I Spy game.

  • 20 Questions

Just in case you’re travelling through a sandy desert with no sight to at all to play I Spy, the next game will only need your imagination to think of the object that the players will guess. in 20 questions, the first question is always “Animal, vegetable or mineral?” After that, the players will ask up to twenty pointed questions (answerable only by “yes” or “no”) to try and guess the object. If the 20th question is reached without a winner, everyone gets a last chance to guess before the answer is revealed another another player starts another round.

  • Guess Who

For the game Guess Who, it’s time to take your people skills (literally) to test. All you need to do is come up with a character to guess (a movie star, a cartoon character, one of your relatives or even someone who’s inside the campervan).

Have everyone else inside the motorhome ask you who their guess is one by one. You can only answer yes or no, as always, and then, the winner will be given the chance to be the “toastmaster” and think of the next character to be guessed.

  • Animalia

Now it’s time to test just how smart you are, in a fun and interactive way, of course.  In the beginning, the first player will say a declare a name of an animal like dog, for example. The next player must then continue to say another animal. But the challenge is, the letter it begins with must be the last letter in the name of the previous anima, say, goat. The game goes on until a player can’t think think of another animal and they are out!

These fun and interactive games will surely entertain everyone (not only the kids) and provide everyone with a jolly good time because the journey can be as important (or as fun) as the destination.

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