Hi everyone, my name is Rudi Schwartz.

I am 22 years old, originally from the Sunshine Coast and moved down to Tasmania about 4 years ago.  In my years down in Tassie I have completed a maritime business degree at university.  I have also continued to pursue my love of chasing big and hollow waves within Australia and overseas, to places like Hawaii, Indonesia, Samoa and New Zealand.  I ride for Bourton Surfboards and Zion wetsuits.

Rudi Schwartz from Zodiac Media on Vimeo.

Since Finishing uni last year I have continued living down in Hobart, where I am relatively close to an amazing wave and icon in the surfing world, Shipstern Bluff.  Days surfing down there in the midst of massive vertical cliffs and nature in its rawest form, allow me to reminisce the reasons of why I love surfing.  In turn, it also lets me appreciate the life of adventure, travel and the simple pleasure of being challenged.  Without sounding dramatic, the waves that are regularly ridden down there are amongst the most dangerous in the world.  My life has almost become revolved around this place.

Surfing Rudi

Shipstern is on the Southeast Peninsula in Tasmania and boasts some of the states’, if not the world’s most amazing scenery coupled with a relaxed, adventurous feel about it.  Just getting there you drive through several intriguing and beautiful places like Marion Bay, Eaglehawk neck and Port Arthur.  Besides surfing, there are many things to do such as simply enjoying the many beaches, going bushwalking or having a bit of a cultural and historical lesson at Port Arthur Gaol ruins.  There is world class fishing and sea life tours that run out of Eaglehawk Neck and Port Arthur respectively and the whales have been getting around recently too.

 Shipstern bay tasmania

I suppose there are many ways a person could travel around the state in terms of having accommodation booked in several different areas or staying in one particular spot and commuting to activities from there.  I however like the other side of the coin, which involves getting in your car and doing the old road trip, move from place to place and stay wherever you feel like it for however long you like.  The fact is that anybody can do it and I think everyone should give it a go and see how you like it, you might surprise yourself and I can confidently say that Tassie will not disappoint.  The weather is getting warmer and this time of year is awesome, just out of winter and in the midst of spring.

I hope that I have sparked an idea or two in someone, get out there and explore.

Cheers, Rudi.

Rudi is sponsored by Apollo as part of our Project Pro Extreme support program. Apollo offers a variety of campers for rent in Tassie from our Hobart branch.