For many people, autumn is such a majestic time of the year. And this can’t be any more true of Australia’s autumn season, when the vibrant reds and rich golds of changing leaves make every landscape beautiful.

So for all of you road trip enthusiasts, we have listed 5 Aussie destinations you should NOT miss out on this autumn.

1. Blackwood River Valley (WA)

Three hours drive south of Perth lies Blackwood River Valley, where a seemingly endless lush landscape is waiting to be discovered. The region is also home to historic towns and kilometres of deciduous trees that line the scenic route of Nannup.

2. Mount Field National Park (TAS)

Mount Field National Park is one of only two places where you can find tanglefoot – the native decidious tress in Australia. This hardy, low-growing tree can be found on Tarren Shelf. So you may need to park your motorhome and do a bit of a hike to see these native trees turn bright yellow.

3. The High Country (VIC)

Apart from the region’s well-preserved gold rush towns and European settlements, the HIgh Country also boasts of streets lined with trees that fill the landscape with rich golds, reds and oranges. In fact, Bright holds an annual Autumn Festival for 10 days. So do not miss the chance to stroll along colourful gardens or take guided tours of wandiligong and Bright.

4. Dandenong Ranges (VIC)

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Drive your motorhome an hour from Melbourne to garden-surrounded villages on top of the Dandenong Ranges. The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is the best place to see the richest autumn colours.

5. Bowral (NSW Southern Highlands)

Bowral is home to Moidart, undoubtedly the best gardens in the region. The garden is 5 acres of rare, colourful flora and fauna. Moidart is also rich in mature trees that include copper beech, golden elms and red oaks. All of which bathe the gardens in the most vibrant autumn seasons.

Australia is, without doubt, a traveller’s paradise. And while there is plenty of things to do and see throughout the year, visiting the country in Autumn is one of the best ways to spend a much deserved holiday. So what are you waiting for? Secure an Apollo motorhome and journey your way through Australia’s most beautiful autumn destinations!