There’s no better way to welcome the new year than a three-week long festival in one of Australia’s most popular cities. Home to the world famous Opera House, Harbour Bridge and breathtaking natural attractions, Sydney doesn’t really need lengthy introductions.

Although the Harbour City already welcomes hundreds of travellers every day, visitor numbers are expected to rise between 7th to the 29th of January 2017, as the Sydney Festival goes underway. Established in 1977, the major arts and performance festival will feature over 100 events and performances from international and local artists.

From opera, theatre and music performances to visual art installations, circus and cabaret – it’s no surprise why the Sydney Festival attracts nearly half a million holiday makers each year. For three weeks, you’re clearly not going to run out of things to do. And the best way to make sure you make it to the various events and see some of the city’s attractions is to hire a campervan, and drive your way around Sydney and beyond. Remember you’re on a holiday, so why rush to keep up with tour schedules and be at the mercy of public transport? Why go through hassles when you can travel in comfort and at your own pace?

Book an Apollo Motorhome from our Sydney branch and take your friends and family on a three-week celebration of art and music that you would only find in Sydney. And to whet your appetite of what’s to come, we’ve listed a handful of Sydney Festival events that will make your trip even more memorable.

Family-Friendly Events

12-22 January

Since 2009, ID has been a worldwide sensation. The event is a spectacle of urban dance and energy-filled circus stunts that would leave you at the edge of your seat. Featuring aerialists, acrobats, break dancers and hip hip performers as well as an exhilarating soundtrack, the overall performance is a celebration of Sydney’s diverse musical and cultural identity.

Flying Trapeze Workshops
13-22 January

The two-hour workshop allows visitors to brave a 10-metre high trapeze rig, as well as the opportunity to learn and practice performance tricks, with the participants being caught in mid-air.

The workshop, which is available for beginners to intermediate participants, begins with an overview and a full-body warm up. Students are also given practice turns on stationary trapeze bars. Afterwards, participants are strapped onto safety harnesses before climbing and swinging off the platform, 8 metres from the ground.

Although the workshops do not have weight restrictions, children must be at least 6 years old to participate. All participants are asked to sign waivers before the workshops begin.

Opera And Classical Music

Opera In The Domain
21 January

Is there a better way to enjoy an opera performance than under a star-filled Australian sky? We didn’t think so. Lay out a picnic blanket and relax as the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra fill the air with arias worthy of a star-filled summer sky.

Lubor Melnyk
28 January

Famous for his talent of creating an entire symphony from a single musical instrument, the mysterious Lubor Melnyk has spent 4 decades perfecting his piano playing techniques. Described as “continuous music”, his performances is a combination of the energy of post rock and the polished sophistication of classical music. So sit back, relax and get lost in Lubor Melnyk’s captivating, boundless piano performance.

Art Installations

Imagined Touch
10 – 15 January

The inspiration behind Imagined Touch is focused on two deaf blind women: pianist Michelle Stevens and performer Heather Lawson. This art installation provides the audience with an opportunity to experience a world devoid of sound and sight.

Once seated, the audiences are asked to wear headphones and goggles that completely block light and sound, and through enhanced touch communication, will experience Heather and Michelle’s stories in a uniquely different sensory environment. It’s important to note though, that every session can only accommodate 15 people. Make sure that you book a spot ahead of time.

House Of Mirrors
6 – 29 January

Not your average mirror maze, House Of Mirrors is as fascinating as it can be disorienting. Make your way through a labyrinth of  optical illusions and lose yourself in your own image, reflected hundreds of times over. There is one way into House Of Mirrors, and getting out is where creativity goes into play.

Every January, Sydney is transformed into a kaleidoscope  of art, music and cultural celebrations. And truly, there is no better way to spend your summer in Australia than attending at least one – if not all – of Sydney Festival 2017’s events. So hire a campervan on our website today and while you’re at it, plan a quick road trip or two to popular tourist spots just outside Sydney. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and share them with us through our Facebook page!