Visit Canberra with a campervan from Apollo Motorhomes! Photo by asheshwor via Flickr

Visit Canberra with a campervan from Apollo Motorhomes!
Photo by asheshwor via Flickr

Australia’s capital attracts travellers from across the planet. Because Canberra is the largest inland city on the continent, it’s a perfect hub for campervan drivers as it provides easy access to all of Australia’s most gorgeous sites. If you’re not a campervan owner, there’s no need to fret; Apollo Motorhome Holidays are offering campervan rentals allowing you to take your own self-drive holiday. No need for an expensive hotel; just park your rental van in a gorgeous park and take all your comforts with you as you take in Australia’s breathtaking scenery.

Canberra is easily accessible from anywhere in the country. The trip to Canberra from Sydney takes a little more than three hours, and the most direct route is via the M5 tollway connecting to Hume Highway 31. After Goulburn, turn left on to the Federal Highway and you’ll be on track to Canberra. More than half of the ACT is designated as nature reserves and parks, so you’ll have plenty of places to set up camp once you arrive. There are dozens of caravan parks around Canberra including the Cotter Reserve and the Namadgi National Park, which sits at the foot of the majestic Australian Alps.

Visit Canberra's Australian War Memorial Photo by nuffcumptin via Flickr

Visit Canberra’s Australian War Memorial
Photo by Adriano Rotolo via Flickr

While you’re in the area, take a drive through Braidwood and Bungendore. These two historic towns have a number buildings that have been preserved for over a hundred years dating back to early European settlers. Similarly, Sutton Forest resembles an old English village and is home to sprawling manors, estates, and vineyards. Architecture enthusiasts should plan their route to pass by All Saints Anglican Church and Churchyard. Nearby Moss Vale is filled with farms dotted with cattle and sheep lazily grazing. Mittagong hosts some of Australia’s most beautiful geography and wildlife including waterfalls and the unique waratah plants that bloom in November. Speaking of which, flower lovers should check out Bowral in the spring for Tulip Time, one of the largest festivals in the country.

Visit Canberra's Canberra Botanic Gardens Photo by nuffcumptin via Flickr

Visit Canberra’s Canberra Botanic Gardens
Photo by nuffcumptin via Flickr

You don’t want to spend all of your time cooped up inside. Fortunately, the city of Canberra has a plethora of affordable attractions that families can enjoy together. Canberra has The Australian National Botanic Gardens, which contains every plant species native to the continent. Entry is free, but there is a day spa on site if you want to splurge. On a more somber note, all Australians and people from across the globe should see the Australian War Memorial. The site provides information about Australia’s military history and serves to honor all Australian’s who endured wartime. For an experience that’s really out there, explore the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, a massive facility where NASA communicates with robots exploring space. Nestled in the scenic Tidbinbilla valley, the complex is easily identifiable by the hundreds of satellite dishes transmitting signals billions of kilometres into the air. The complex is open to the public and offers tours for free.

For your next holiday, make sure to take the scenic route so you don’t miss any of the many wonders in the Down Under.