One of the great perks of working for Apollo is the option to take vehicle familiarisation trips in our great campervans. Tina recently took a Hitop Camper around Melbourne city for a weekend adventure! Here is her story:

I was so happy when it was confirmed that I could have a Hitop Camper to explore Melbourne at the end of November for the wedding of a friend.

On 24th of November at 11 am, CM and I arrived at the Melbourne Apollo branch. After a nice chat with the friendly staff there, we watched the Hitop Camper video. Then we were ready to collect our smart little Hitop van. I chose Hitop Camper for this trip as we were going to travel a lot around Melbourne city for the wedding and photography.

Susie from the branch introduced the van to us, and told us all about the vehicle from front to back. She showed us things such as where the power cable was and how to check the power usage. At about half past twelve, we got in the lovely Hitop and started our trip.

I have worked for Apollo for two years, but this is the first time I have been in a running camper. I was so excited and couldn’t help but sing when it was running! We drove to the caravan park called “Sundown” which is only 20 mins from Melbourne CBD. As soon as we arrived at the park, I ran back into the main cabin to do the magic stuff, what is it? Making the bed in a van!

Making the bed in a van

I took the table off, put the two boards between the seat (such a smart design), and put the side sofa pieces between the two big sofa pieces. A bed made! It only took 3 minutes! Convenient and easy!

It was raining during our trip, and it was so nice to have Hitop Camper with us. Our “house” was moving with us anywhere we went. We didn’t even bring our umbrella, and we didn’t get wet.

I really enjoyed my trip and this famil rental experience. Thanks Apollo!