The classic USA road trip still lives on!  Here’s three must-do road trips to add to your bucket lists.

Las Vegas to San Francisco

When you leave the glittering landscape of Vegas and head towards Death Valley, stop in for a quick stroll along the boardwalk at Badwater Salt Flats, a remote and harsh environment of vast salt plains surrounded by spectacular views of the mountains. 

The untouched splendour of Sequoia and Kings Canyon is seductive and will have you snapping photographs of majestic ancient trees, but be warned there are bears and cougars living in these woods!

Take your time visiting the wineries in Napa Valley (in fact there are 200 to choose from) and in the charming little village of Calistoga, treat yourself to a massage and mud spa.

As you cross the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco, you’ll feel energised and ready for the next adventure.

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The Mountain Loop

From Seattle, the road meanders past waterfalls, wilderness and scouts around Mount Baker, an active volcano. If you stretch the imagination, you could spot a Sasquatch – but be quick with the camera, Bigfoot is a shy kind of guy. 

Once you reach Granite Falls, it’s time to take out the hiking boots and explore the Robe Canyon Historic Park. Following in the footsteps of gold miners, you’ll discover artefacts from a long-gone era and the truth about why they scrapped the Monte Cristo Railway.

Tantalise your tastebuds with sour sweet huckleberries, freshly picked as you hike the Old Sauk River Trail, just outside Darrington. 

Take to the skies at the annual Arlington Fly-In event, featuring daily aerobatics, hundreds of aircraft and military vehicles. 

From waterfalls and volcanoes to hiking and gold mining, this road trip is a combination of scenic beauty and rich history.

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Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway

The adventure begins west of Denver at the aptly named and quaint little town of Dinosaur with endless opportunities for bone fossicking, mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, fishing and stargazing.

Journey back in time at Carnegie Dinosaur Quarry, where there are literally thousands of dinosaur fossils. This is obviously a land where dinosaurs roamed unleashed and if you come across an excavation, you just might unearth an untold secret from the past.

You might want to spend a couple of days in trendy Moab. It’s a magnet for year-round outdoor events and festivals and a popular location for Hollywood. Who knows, if the timing is right you might end up as an extra on a movie set!

From dinosaurs and fossicking to movie locations and stargazing, this road trip has it all and won’t disappoint even the most intrepid of travellers.

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